Optrimax was created

because we know that sometimes, all you need is
just a little more help to achieve your ideal body

We developed our products to be
safe, natural and effective so that
you can benefit from being slimmer

and healthier!


Did you know?

Body Gel was a pioneer of anti-cellulite gels in

producing a burning sensation

For the first time, you could actually feel a product
eliminating your stubborn cellulite, while giving you
smoother and toned skin over time


Plum Delite proved that
healthy detoxing food
could also taste delicious!

It was launched to raving reviews and
has become our top seller by far

Maintaining a healthy digestive system has become

a breeze with Optrimax!


They say weight loss is 20% exercise and
80% diet, and that is where we come in

The Meal Replacement Bar and Congee
Delite were introduced to provide you
with necessary nutrients for the day

without any guilt!


Our multi-media launch campaign brought
home the idea that there were

more aspects to healthy weight management
than just pure weight loss

We invited you to join us in achieving an

Optrimax lifestyle!


After discovering

the powers of enzymes

we introduced you to an all new concept of
enzymatic weight management!

Allowing more enzymes to be reserved
for metabolic and detoxification means a

healthier and leaner you!


The 5-Day Plan

was launched to endorse our conviction in using
enzymes for weight management

Judging from the number of success stories we heard,
we were proud to say:

it definitely works!


We introduced another tasty detox product to
help you maintain an optimal digestive system –

the Jelly Delite!

With Optrimax, you can be sure to
eat your way to a healthier body,
both inside and out!


We were thrilled

that our dedication to bring you the best products
has been acknowledged by a healthier you
and through the numerous awards we have received!

Plum Delite was awarded the “Health & Beauty
Award 2015”
of Long Life Magazine in Malaysia

Jelly Delite was awarded the “National Consumer’s
Choice Award 2015”
and “National Consumer
Award 2015”
in Philippines


We were proud

to announce that Optrimax has been awarded with the
‘Superbrands’ mark of excellence in Philippines

This has given us a greater drive
to bring you even more
amazing products in future!

Maintaining a healthy and lean body is no mean feat

but we are here to make it easier for you!

With our focus on enzymatic weight management and
natural detox, you no longer have to compromise your
health and happiness for beauty

Live Light, Live Right!

Healthy living with Optrimax

Our success stories speak for themselves
Experience what Optrimax can do for you!

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