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Slow Juicer

Cold-pressed juice with great taste and maximised nutrients!

Using the first-of-its-kind DualEdge Cold-Press Technology (DECT), Slow Juicer gently cold-presses to extract juice without heat and friction, wholesomely preserving the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and the great natural taste of fruits and vegetables like no other! Not only fruit and vegetable juices, now you can make your own healthy versions of ice cream, sorbet, soy milk, jams, sauces, purees for baby foods and many more!

Look Inside!


See how Optrimax Slow Juicer is different!


  • More Juice* The double cut-and-squeeze processes a wide variety of foods, yields more juice with less loss as compared to the conventional single-edge screw.

  • Nutrients Maximised Operates at 47 RPM, a much lower speed than the conventional 80 RPM, for more thorough squeezing and greatly-reduced heat and fiction generation, preserving the inherent nutrients of foods.

  • Highly Durable Made of Ultem which offers outstanding thermal resistance and strength, allowing semi-permanent use without failure.

  • Silent & Steady The high-efficiency induction motor operates with almost no noise and vibration. Designed with safety sensor to ensure that operation only starts after the Hopper is securely locked.

  • Highly Economical At least 5 times less energy consumption, using mere 200W instead of 1,000W like a typical high-speed juicer.

  • Self-Cleaning System Quick rinsing by pouring water into a running machine and easy disassembly and cleaning with the Cleaning Brush that comes in the set.

* Result based on in-house testing that compares Optrimax Slow Juicer with conventional slow juicer of typical rotation speed of 80 RPM and high-speed juicer.

How to Use

Learn how to assemble the machine easily!

Download the User Guide here

Please read the instructions in the User Guide carefully before use.


  • Product NameOptrimax Slow Juicer
  • VoltageTwo models available:220~240V and 110V (110V is for Taiwan and Japan only)
  • Frequency50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption200W
  • Revolutions Per Minute47 RPM
  • MotorCondensing Induction AC Motor
  • Weight6.5kg
  • Dimensions195mm (width) × 190mm (length) × 425mm (height)
  • Standard Usage TimeLess than 30 minutes continuously