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VG Mix

Nature's wholesome mix - Veggie Greens, Grains and a whole lot more!

A hearty drink made up of a wide variety of natural foods that provides nourishing nutrients to the body and complements common modern diets that lack sufficient greens or fibres.

Made in Taiwan
15 sachets

Look Inside!

2 servings provide 10g protein a day. 1 to 3 servings daily recommended.


The ultra combination of more than 40 nature’s nutritious foods provides the naturally complete and balanced nutrient profile.

  • Grain and Green Food Blend provides quality green and grain intake and is naturally rich in phytonutrients to support optimal health.

Le Trigger
  • Multi Grain
  • Cereal, Grasses
  • Legumes
  • Plant Fibres
  • Micro Algae
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables


Mix 1 sachet of VG Mix with 250-300ml of lukewarm or cold water in a shaker. Drink immediately before the fibre settles or becomes jelly-like. Follow with another full glass of water.

For a tasty smoothie shake, pour 300ml of iced water into a shaker and add 1 sachet each of Punch, Zyme and VG Mix. Shake well and enjoy instantly!

As this product has a high fibre content, always take with an adequate amount of water.