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Lin Yan Jun-15.0kg

Before 87kg, After 72kg

I was an athlete with high physical activity level. Body shape was never a concern to me even if I ate big amount of food.

However, I started gaining weight from 72kg to 87kg after I stopped exercising because of injury. Moreover, I easily felt tired and pain at my lower back, along with acne skin and constipation problems.

I decided to lose weight and say bye bye to obesity after joining a company event. I followed the programme to continue taking Optrimax 5-Day Plan along with Plum Delite for 3 months. End up I managed to lose 15 kg weight, 13 inches waist wide, 7% body fat and 3% visceral fat in just 3 months! The most incredible is that I no longer feel fatigue easily, instead, enjoying a brand new self with more radiant skin now!

I am very grateful to have such a good product — Optrimax 5-Day Plan helps me achieve a healthier and more confident me!

Individual results may vary

Lo Hsiu Yin -12.7kg

Since getting married, my weight has been increasing. I tried different methods to lose weight, such as taking traditional Chinese medicine, amino acid supplements and dieting but with no visible results. A friend introduced me to the Optriimax 5-Day Plan and I decided to give it a try.

While on the 5-Day Plan, I also took health supplements and exercised regularly. In just a month, I lost 12.7 kg! Nowadays I feel more energetic and mentally sharp. I'm looking forward to a more healthy and beautiful version of myself in the months to come!

Individual results may vary

Aliceal Teo -10.0kg

Before 65.2kg, After 55.2kg

Since my child birth 22 years ago, my weight of below 60kg was never at sight! Although I tried numerous attempts and methods, the results have not been sustainable on how I wanted to regain my figure or maintaining my ideal weight or BMI.

When I was introduced the Optrimax 5-Day Plan, I understood how enzymes work holistically for the body; I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, after just my first round of 5-Day Plan, I lost a remarkable 5.2kg, and unlike other weight loss regimes, I was still feeling energetic and refreshed. The amazing result motivated me to take on more rounds of 5-Day Plan. In 2 months, I did 4 rounds of 5-Day Plan and lost 10kg in total! Now, my tummy is totally gone.

I am so amazed with the significant drop in size. Now, I have to wear my daughter’s clothes until I buy new ones in the right size. All my friends greet me with a surprised look and marvel, ‘You look much slimmer now!’. For detox purpose and maintaining a healthier diet style, I replace meals with the 5-Day Plan occasionally.

I’ve never felt more pleased with a healthier and happier me!

Individual results may vary

Onah Diana -8.0kg

Before 70kg, After 62kg

I’d put on so much weight over the years, that just walking short distances would totally tire me out. Yet, I couldn’t find the motivation to embark on any weight loss programmes because they just required such a lot of commitment.

I was introduced to the 5-Day Plan and I decided to give it a try because it was only going to take 5 days. After 2 rounds, I was surprised that I lost 8kg! With a healthier weight, even walking long distances and climbing stairs became much easier. I could feel myself lighter and much healthier.

With such encouraging results, I’m motivated to maintain my new figure and simply have to replace 1 meal each day with the 5-Day Plan. I’ve never felt happier with my weight and health!

Individual results may vary

Yeh Chao-Cheng -7.0kg

I tend to put on weight easily and it doesn't help that I love to eat. I tried many ways to lose weight but would often gain it all back again. When I first started on the Optrimax 5-Day Plan, I experienced skin breakouts and felt lethargic but I knew that it was a result of the enzymes helping to reboot my body system. I ate my 3 meals as per normal, pairing them with 5-Day Plan and regular exercise.

In just 1 month, I lost 7kg and 3% of body fat. My appetite became smaller and I no longer have to worry about overeating or my weight rebounding. The 5-Day Plan has helped me to manage my weight easily without having to reject my favourite food!

Individual results may vary

Ace Toh -4.3kg

Before 61.8kg, After 57.5kg

My colleagues joke about my bulging tummy and tight pants and I’ve to admit that it has made me lose confidence in my looks. When I first heard of the 5-Day Plan, I knew I had to give it a try and get rid of my excess weight. In 5 days, I lost 4.3kg, my tummy looked much flatter and my pants fit much better.

And it was not just the weight loss that amazed me. I felt a lot more energetic and refreshed because of the enzymes that I consumed with the 5-Day Plan. My colleagues did not only notice my ‘new look’, they also commented that I seemed to be ‘running on more battery’!

I’m determined to maintain my new weight and I can easily achieve it by replacing just one meal daily. It’s comforting to know that if my tummy bulges again or if my pants start getting tighter, all I need is 5 days to overcome that!

Individual results may vary

Hu Cai Yu-3.7kg

Before 72.7kg, After 69kg

I used to be at only 52kg. After delivering children, I gained weight to 65kg for 1st child birth and 70kg for 2nd child birth.

I have tried many methods to lose weight, including dieting, fasting, organic food therapy, TCM acupuncture and TCM embedding. Although I managed to loose weight at the beginning, but regained soon after and became even fatter than before. I was very frustrated.

My determination of losing weight got renewed after encountering 5-Day Plan during a company event.

I always thought that losing weight is all about eating nothing but meal replacement products. It is definitely a big challenge for me because I can’t bear the starving feeling. Hence, I always failed to lose weight and the process was harmful to my body. However, I realized that losing weight don’t have to be so suffering after attended a professional weight management course. We actually able to lose weight naturally by just taking 5-Day Plan and controlling the calorie intake. No strict diet is needed!

I am now not only slimmer, but also with clearer skin and more regular stool remover. I got praised by many people for younger and prettier look! The only disadvantage of taking 5-Day Plan is that I need to increase the budget for purchasing clothes at smaller size.

I appreciate very much that BWL has developed such a good product 5-Day Plan and taught us the professional health care concept.

Do give a try to 5-Day Plan and join us enjoying health and beauty together!

Individual results may vary

Maggie Pang -3.6kg

Before 72.8kg, After 69.2kg

I have been overweight my entire life, always had to wear baggy clothes to mask my bulges and I’ve never felt beautiful. When my friends describe me, these very words were most often used: ‘the very fat one’. Every time I heard those hurtful words, I would try losing weight with slimming pills and meal replacements. But none of those worked. I would lose some weight… and gain it all back shortly after.

It was the Optrimax 5-Day Plan that gave me a glimmer of hope. Within a few days of starting the Plan, I felt more energetic, but what wowed me was the detoxification. I literally felt that my body was lighter than before. The greatest surprise was weighing in after the 5-Day Plan. I managed to drop 3.6kg, without exercising!

I’ve since gone through a few more rounds of the 5-Day Plan and managed to drop more weight, and I’m proud to share that my wardrobe now has clothes that let me flaunt my new figure! I would never have imagined that I could ‘gain so much’ by simply replacing my unhealthy meals with the 5-Day Plan (and only for 5 days each time!).

Individual results may vary

Dennis Yong -3.3kg

Before 79kg, After 75.7kg

Working in the health and wellness industry, I’ve always prided myself in staying healthy. In recent years, however, I’ve slowly gained weight. My recent medical check-up showed that my BMI and body fat percentage was too high. That was a harsh reality check and I was determined to lose weight and get healthier.

I started with the YES Programme but that required a much higher level of commitment and participation. We had stricter dieting plans and had to spend a lot more time on exercise. When I started the 5-Day Plan, it was just amazing that I lost 3.3kg in 5 days, with very little exercise! Even my bulging tummy became flat. It was the perfect plan for busy individuals!

Best side effect of the 5-Day Plan? I found that I had a smaller appetite after the 5 days, and that helped me adopt healthier eating habits and portion control. Life (and my weight!) has never been better!

Individual results may vary

Koh Lee Cheng -3.2kg

Before 70.1kg, After 66.9kg

I wasn’t a very fat person, but my bulging tummy and the worsening situation of lacking energy to get through every working day have been my worrying concerns. I thought I could only bow to the fate that time had begun to take its toll on my body!

It wasn’t until when I was introduced to the 5-Day Plan that I discovered how enzymes can help reboot my system! In 5 days, I could feel myself cleansed, rejuvenated and refreshed. What surprised me more was that I lost 3.2kg in just 5 days, getting a bonus of flattened tummy!

Having experienced the benefits of enzyme, I now practise enzyme-rich diet style and occasionally replace meals with the 5-Day Plan. No more listless day, and I carry out my daily tasks spiritedly in my new look and health!

Individual results may vary

Veronica Jaw -3.0kg

Before 57kg, After 54kg

I’ve always taken care of my health and looks but my weight has slowly crept up over the years. Although no one really noticed, I could tell because I was no longer able to fit into clothes that I wore 3 years back.

When I tried the 5-Day Plan, it was rejuvenating! In 5 days, I lost 3 kg, managed to fit back into the clothes and felt great! It was the same kind of high that you would get after a great work-out! And my skin benefitted too! The cleansing and detox from the 5-Day Plan gave my skin a healthy, dewy glow.

My friends and colleagues have all noticed that I look happier, and better and I can’t stop raving about the 5-Day Plan. The best part? It’s a healthy, tasty smoothie shake that I look forward to drinking every morning, now that I just continue to replace one meal daily!

Individual results may vary

Huang Wen Xiang-2.8kg

Before 74.8kg, After 72kg

I am not a person who loves to take care of body health. Moreover, I like to stay up late at night to drink. So I have a big tummy and with acidic body environment. The worse part is that I got gout symptoms and was lack of self-confidence.

I continuously eat 5-Day Plan for 3 months after joining a BWL event. Finally, I become a handsome guy without any big tummy now. I have retrieved my self-confidence!

Most importantly, I am healthier now and have since never been disturbed by any gout symptoms.

Thank you BWL for giving me the chance to have a healthy body!

Individual results may vary