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Enzymatic Weight Management

The Revolutionary Concept Of Enzymatic Weight Management

Key to All Life Processes

Enzymes are the keys to all life processes in our body – digestion, conversion of food to energy, new tissue synthesis, elimination of waste materials, cellular rejuvenation and other important bodily functions involve enzymes. A deficiency in enzymes will lead to a host of health challenges.

Enzyme Exhaustion

As we age, our body has fewer enzymes to work with. The situation worsens because our diet consists of a high proportion of cooked and processed food which the natural enzymes within have already been destroyed. This exhausts our body’s enzyme store, and channels most of our enzymes to digestive work, leaving less for other functions. Metabolism and detoxification rate will be greatly slowed down, resulting in undesired weight problems.

Consume to Conserve

Consuming adequate quality enzymes frees up our own enzymes from digestive work and reserves them for other metabolic and detoxification processes. This reboots our internal system so that it can perform to its fullest potential, making us feel and look better!