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Why Optrimax

The Natural Way To A Whole New ‘LOW’

Optrimax offers a range of effective weight management products that are gentle because they work simply by optimising your inherent body processes. See how Optrimax is different:

A More Complete & Well-Rounded Nutrient Source


5-Day Plan

VG Mix + Zyme + Punch, 300ml


Combination of Natural Foods

Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereal Grasses, Legumes & Micro-Algae


Enriched with

Enzymes, Probiotics & Prebiotics


Naturally Rich in

Phyto-Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals




Protein Shake

chocolate/vanilla-flavoured, 300ml


Mainly Isolated Milk Proteins

Whey, Casein
(may not be easily digestible)


Food Additives

Flavours, Colours, Sweeteners,
Stabilisers & Thickeners


Synthetically Added

Vitamins & Minerals



2 - 5g

No Pill-Popping

Say ‘NO’ to ways that just go against our body’s natural mechanisms!

Suppress the natural appetite!

Collapse the natural mechanisms!

Block the natural digestions!

Enzyme Tri-Actions Actively Working

Boost Metabolism


Free up our own enzymes for metabolic processes



Eliminate accumulated waste



Efficiently digest consumed nutrients so cells are fully nourished

The Perfect Match

Proprietary Enzymes & Proprietary Yeast

Proprietary Enzymes

Strong breakdown capability for perfect nutrient absorption & waste elimination

Proprietary Yeast

Supports digestive health & energy production

The Synergy

  • Helps protect liver
  • Helps reduce total cholesterol & LDL
  • Helps promote healthy GI tract